Danger Will Robinson – Cycling in New England

In a word, unless you are compelled to cycle by your love of its combination of technology, speed and freedom: DON’T. Take public transit, hike safely, cart that bicycle to someplace scenic with a bike path.

Conditions for cyclists in 2016 are so bad that we are losing some wonderful people of all ages and walks of life because we are struggling with how to share the roads. Courtesy from drivers is almost d.o.a., as seen in the post about a suburban walk in Central Massachusetts. Helmets don’t help, the potential accidents are catastrophic.

Later, this post will be updated with the sobering statistics. To avoid reminding the families of their losses, I will not recount individual anecdotes. Suffice it to say, without even thinking about it I can think of two M.D.s and a talented, high potential barista. My C-level boss at one workplace lost one of his best friends. This is a society that eats its young, middle-aged and elderly.



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